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The generations before Thomas Sleijster (967-1600)

1. Old: The First Five Generations 1600-1800 | 2. Older: Leicester Tree 967-16003. Oldest: From Thomas to Adam
4. A short Historic Overview about Leicester

2. The generations before Thomas Sleijster (967-1600)

We have seen that the oldest fact about the Sleijster family that we could find in the archives was the marriage in 1625 of Thomas Sleijsser/Sleijster in Zutphen.

From 1600 back to 967
In Oktober 2004 I found the website of Jessica Lynn Boutilier. She
is the great granddaughter of Grietje Sleijster from Heerde (Zt3). And she has made a follow up. Her family research on www.angelfire.com/freak2/jessicaross_1/aqwg01.htm#1 starts with Jessica herself and ends with the Count of Anjou in the year 967.


From 967 back to 4046 BC. 
After the Count of Anjou is thereafter via other websites strain range available to Adam. What should we make of it? Is a tree from Thomas Sleijster to Adam reliable? Indeed, not all the sources are sure. The long series of Eastern Frankish and Eastern European Sicambrian kings and then the Trojan kings contain legendary elements. The Trojan Ilius would descends directly from Zerah, the son of Judah and Tamar (Genesis 38). Click here for the tree from Thomas to Adam...
In this tree is stated that Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, is the father of Thomas Sleijster. And although there is no hard evidence to find for that, there is still much to be said prior for it. Besides the oral tradition in the (older) family, which is very credible, there is the sound of the name. Leicester is pronounced as Lester or Leister. In addition, Thomas was Sergeant in the army of Leicester. The conversion of the name from Son of Leister or Sergeant of Leister to SLeister is obvious.

The tree of Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley (967-1600)

On www.angelfire.com/freak2/jessicaross_1/aqwg29.htm#445 we find Thomas Sleijster.
        Unfortunately the website of Jessica disappeared.
        See http://www.genealogy.com/users/b/o/u/Jessica-L-Boutilier/ftitree.html
        and http://newsarch.rootsweb.com/th/read/BOUTILIER/2005-10/1129903511  
        Below you can find the copy.

Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley
When you clicked on Jessica's website on the button 'Parents' you did found the father of Thomas: the Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley who was born in 1588 in England. And there is stated: Robert Dudley married "Some Married Woman".

Robert married three times and (officially) did get no children.

His first marriage in June 4, 1550 was  with Amy Robsart, who died of a fall downstairs in 1560. Roberts enemies said she was possibly murdered by him; she is burried in the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford.
Robert became 1st Earl of Leicester in 1564

Robert Dudley - Earl of Leicester - 1575His second marriage was in May 1573 but this was a secret marriage to Douglas Howard. They received an illegitimate child: Robert on 7 Aug 1574. They secretly divorced. More... Robert had issue, entertained Elizabeth I in 1575 at his seat Kenilworth Castle, S of Coventry (formerly held by John of Gaunt, now a ruin), 

His third marriage was in 1578 (also secretly and bigamously) to Lettice Knollys [widow of Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex and mother of Penelope Devereux]. Robert became stepfather of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, built up one of the first large collections of portraits, his nephew Sir Philip Sidney wrote The Lady of May prob. in 1578 to promote his and Leicester's causes to the Queen, appointed 1588 to command the forces against the Spanish Armada, but died 1588, age 56 yrs, bur St.Mary's church, Warwick.

To The Netherlands
In 1585, Robert was made commander of the English forces in the Netherlands. The Netherlands were revolting against the rule of Felipe II, and the English were helping the Dutch in their campaign. Robert stayed in the Netherlands until 1587, although he did return to England during the Mary Queen of Scots crisis of 1586/7, and was present in England when Mary was executed. English involvement in the Netherlands was not particularly successful, and when he did return permanently, he received a lot of criticism for his actions there.

However, by now he was not a well man, probably suffering from stomach cancer, and his days were numbered. Following the defeat of the Armada, he travelled to Buxton to try and take the healing waters there, but he never made it. He died at his house in Oxfordshire on the 4th Sep, 1588. Elizabeth was devastated at the loss of her old friend and companion, and reputedly locked herself in her apartment for hours, if not days. She treasured the letter he had sent her only days before his death, and wrote on it "His Last letter". She put it in her treasure box, and it was still there when she died 15 years later.

But few shared her grief. His enemies said that the rejoicing at the defeat of the Armada was nothing compared to the rejoicing at the news of Robert's death. He was given a funeral befitting a nobleman, and buried in the Beauchamp Chapel of St Mary's Church, Warwick.

More information about Robert Dudley, who was later often called Leicester:
  (This website tries to prove that Robert Dudley had no descendents)
http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~dav4is/people/DUDL309.htm (many links)

So, if we may accept that Thomas Sleijster was a son of Leicester (Robert Dudley), he must be born between 1584 and 1588. We know he married in 1625. And than we can follow the family tree until the Count of Anjou in the year 967. And than we can even enlarge the tree to Adam and Eve.

Here below we start the tree with Robert Dudley's parents John Dudley and Jane Guildford
(copy of Jessica's website):

31744. Duke Northumberland John Dudley , was born 1502 in Warwick, Sussex, England. He died 22 May (or Aug) 1553 in Tower Hill, London, Middlesex, England. Duke Northumberland John Dudley married Duchess of Northumberland Jane GUILDFORD on 1530 in Holden, Kent, England.

31745. Duchess of Northumberland Jane GUILDFORD, was born 1504 in The South Ports, Northumberland, England. She died 22 Jan 1554/1555 in Chelsea, Middlesex, England.

Now we can continue with her p

63490. Edward (or Edmund) GUILDFORD was born C. 1474 in Offington, Sussex, England. He married Eleanor West .

63491. Eleanor West was born C. 1481 in Offington, Sussex, England. [Parents]

parents were: 

126982. Thomas West was born 1457 in Offington, Sussex, England. He married Elizabeth Mortimer on c. 1478.

126983. Elizabeth Mortimer was born C. 1459 in Mortimer Hall, Hampshire, England. She died after 10 May 1536.

parents were:

253966. Hugh Mortimer was born C. 1429 in Mortimer Hall, Hampshire, England. He married Eleanor De Cornwall.

253967. Eleanor De Cornwall was born C. 1428 in Burford, Shropshire, England.

Her parents were:

507934. Edmund De Cornwall was born C. 1382 in Burford, Shropshire, England. He died C.1443 in Cologne, France. Edmund De Cornwall married Elizabeth Barre.  [Parents]

507935. Elizabeth Barre was born C. 1412 in Y Barri, Glamorganshire, Wales. She died 1468.

His parents were:

1015868. Richard De Cornwall was born 1360 in Burford, Shropshire, England. He died 10 Jan 1442/1443 in Burford, Shropshire, England. Richard De Cornwall married Cecelia Merbury on c. 1381. [Parents]

1015869. Cecelia Merbury "Alice" was born C. 1364 in Weobley, Herfordshire, England. She died 1417.

His parents were:

2031736. Geoffrey De Cornwall was born C. 1335 in Burford, Shropshire, England. He died 18 May 1365 in Burford, Shropshire, England. Geoffrey De Cornwall married Cecelia Seymour on c. 1354. [Parents] 

2031737. Cecelia Seymour was born C. 1337 in Burford, Shropshire, England. She died 26 Jul 1369 in Burford, Shropshire, England.

His parents were:

4063472. Richard De Cornwall was born 1311 in Burford, Shropshire, England. He died Oct 1343 in Burford, Shropshire, England. Richard De Cornwall married Sibella BODRUGAN on 1344 in Burford, Shropshire, England. [Parents] 

4063473. Sibella BODRUGAN was born C. 1315 in Burford, Shropshire, England. She died Apr 1349 in Burford, Shropshire, England.

His parents were:

8126944. Geoffrey De Cornwall was born C. 1288 in Burford, Shropshire, England. He died 1335. Geoffrey De Cornwall married Margaret Mortimer. [Parents] 

8126945. Margaret Mortimer was born 14 Sep 1295 in Richard's Castle, Herfrdshire, England. She died 1345.

His parents were:

16253888. Richard PLANTAGENET was born C. 1252 in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England. He died 1296 in Berwick, Northumberland, England. Richard PLANTAGENET married Joan Saint Owen on c. 1279 in Cornwall, England. [Parents] 

16253889. Joan Saint Owen was born C. 1260 in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

His parents were:

32507776. King of the Romans Richard PLANTAGENET was born 5 Jan 1208/1209 in Winchester, Hampshire, England. He died 2 Apr 1272 in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England. King of the Romans Richard PLANTAGENET married Countess Of Province? Sancha Province on 23 Nov 1243 in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England.

Richard 1256 England?. [Parents] 

32507777. Countess Of Province? Sancha Province was born C. 1225 in Aix En Provence. She died 9 Nov 1261 in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England.

His parents were:

65015552. King Of England John Lackland ANGEVIN was born 24 Dec 1167 in Beaumont Castle, Oxford, England. He died 19 Oct 1216 in Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire, England and was buried in Cathedral, Worcester, Worcestershire, England. King Of Egland John Lackland ANGEVIN married Isabel De Taillefer on 24 Aug 1200 in Bordeaux, France.

John 1199 England [from: http://www.angelfire.com/freak2/jessicaross_1/aqwg47.htm#417]


65015552. King Of Egland John Lackland ANGEVIN

1167-1216, king of England (1199-1216); youngest son of HENRY II. After his brother RICHARD I left on the Third CRUSADE, John conspired unsuccessfully with PHILIP II of France to supplant Richard as king. On Richard's death, John ascended the throne to the exclusion of his nephew ARTHUR I of Brittany, who, with the aid of Philip II, began a revolt in France. Although Arthur was captured (1202), John lost many of his French possessions to Philip. John's refusal to accept a new archbishop of Canterbury led to his excommunication (1209). To regain papal favor, he surrendered (1213) his kingdom to Pope INNOCENT III, and received it back as a papal fief. In England his abuse of feudal custom in raising money aroused intense opposition from the barons. They rebelled in 1215 and compelled John to set his seal to the MAGNA CARTA. He was succeeded by his son HENRY III. 

John (reigned 1199-1216) was an able administrator interested in law and government but he neither trusted others nor was trusted by them. Heavy taxation, disputes with the Church (John was excommunicated by the Pope in 1209) and unsuccessful attempts to recover his French possessions made him unpopular. Many of his barons rebelled and in June 1215 they forced the King to sign a peace treaty accepting their reforms. 
This treaty, later known as Magna Carta, limited royal powers, defined feudal obligations between the King and the barons, and guaranteed a number of rights. The most influential clauses concerned the freedom of the Church; the redress of grievances of owners and tenants of land; the need to consult the Great Council of the Realm so as to prevent unjust taxation; mercantile and trading relationships; regulation of the machinery of justice so that justice be denied to no one; and the requirement to control the behaviour of royal officials. The most important clauses established the basis of habeas corpus ('you have the body'), i.e. that no one shall be imprisoned except by due process of law, and that 'to no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay right or justice'. 

The Charter also established a council of barons who were to ensure that the Sovereign observed the Charter, with the right to wage war on him if he did not. Magna Carta was the first formal document insisting that the Sovereign was as much under the rule of law as his people; and that the rights of individuals were to be upheld even against the wishes of the sovereign. As a source of fundamental constitutional principles, Magna Carta came to be seen as an important definition of aspects of English law, and in later centuries as the basis of the liberties of the English people. 

As a peace treaty Magna Carta was a failure and the rebels invited Louis of France to become their king. When John died in 1216 England was in the grip of civil war.

65015553. Isabel De Taillefer was born 1188 in Angouleme, France. She died 31 May 1246 in Fontevrault, France. [Parents] 

His parents were:

130031104. King Of England Henry II Curtmantle ANGEVIN was born 25 Mar 1133 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France. He died 8 Jul 1189 in Chinon, Normandy, France. King Of England Henry II Curtmantle ANGEVIN married Eleanore D'AQUITAINE on 18 May 1152 in Bordeaux, Gironde, France.

Henry 1150 Normandy. He 1154 England. [Parents] 

130031104. King Of England Henry II Curtmantle ANGEVIN

Henry II, 1133-89 (r.1154-89), was the son of Matilda and GEOFFREY IV, count of Anjou. Founder of the Angevin, or Plantagenet, line, he became duke of Normandy in 1150 and in 1152 married ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE, thus gaining vast territories in France. In 1153 he invaded England and forced STEPHEN to acknowledge him as his heir. As king he restored order to war-ravaged England, subdued the barons, centralized the power of government in royalty, and strengthened royal courts. Henry's desire to increase royal authority brought him into conflict with THOMAS BECKET, whom he had made (1162) archbishop of Canterbury. The quarrel, which focused largely on the jurisdiction of the church courts, came to a head when Henry issued (1163) the Constitutions of CLARENDON, defining the relationship between church and state, and ended (1170) with Becket's murder, for which Henry was forced by public indignation to do penance. During his reign he gained northern counties from Scotland and increased his French holdings. He was also involved in family struggles. Encouraged by their mother and LOUIS VI of France, his three oldest sons, Henry, RICHARD I, and Geoffrey, rebelled (1173-74) against him. The rebellion collapsed, but at the time of Henry's death, Richard and the youngest son, JOHN, were in the course of another rebellion. 

Henry II (reigned 1154-89) ruled over an empire which stretched from the Scottish border to the Pyrenees. One of the strongest, most energetic and imaginative rulers, Henry was the inheritor of three dynasties who had acquired Aquitaine by marriage; his charters listed them: 'King of the English, Duke of the Normans and Aquitanians and Count of the Angevins'. The King spent only 13 years of his reign in England; the other 21 years were spent on the continent in his territories in what is now France. Henry's rapid movements in carrying out his dynastic responsibilities astonished the French King, who noted 'now in England, now in Normandy, he must fly rather than travel by horse or ship'. 
By 1158, Henry had restored to the Crown some of the lands and royal power lost by Stephen; Malcom IV of Scotland was compelled to return the northern counties. Locally chosen sheriffs were changed into royally appointed agents charged with enforcing the law and collecting taxes in the counties. Personally interested in government and law, Henry made use of juries and re-introduced the sending of justices (judges) on regular tours of the country to try cases for the Crown. His legal reforms have led him to be seen as the founder of English Common Law. 

Henry's disagreements with the Archbishop of Canterbury (the king's former chief adviser), Thomas Becket, over Church-State relations ended in Becket's murder in 1170 and a papal interdict on England. Family disputes over territorial ambitions almost wrecked the king's achievements. Henry died in France in 1189, at war with his son Richard who had joined forces with king Philip of France to attack Normandy.


130031105. Eleanore D'AQUITAINE was born 1123 in Bordeaux, Gironde, France. She died 31 Mar 1204 in Fontevrault, France.

1122-1204, queen consort first of LOUIS VII of France and then of HENRY II of England; daughter of William X, duke of Aquitaine. Her marriage to Louis was annulled in 1152 and shortly thereafter she married Henry, then duke of Normandy, uniting her vast possessions with his. Two of her sons-RICHARD I and JOHN-became kings of England. Henry's many infidelities caused her to establish her own court (1170) at Poitiers, which became the scene of much artistic activity. She supported her sons in their unsuccessful revolt (1173) against Henry and was confined by Henry until 1185. In 1189 she helped Richard secure the throne

[ www.angelfire.com/freak2/jessicaross_1/aqwg48.htm#430 ]

260062208. Count Of Anjou Geoffrey IV ANGEVIN was born 24 AUG/NOV 1113 in Anjou, France. He died 7 Sep 1151 in Chateau, Eure-et-Loire, France /Le Mans, Maine, France. Count Of Anjou Geoffrey IV ANGEVIN married Empress Heir to the Kingdom of England Matilda Beauclerc/ Maud on 22 May 1127 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France. [Parents] 

260062209. Empress Heir to the Kingdom of England Matilda Beauclerc/ Maud was born 7 Feb 1101/1102 in Winchester, England. She died 10 Sep 1167 in Notre Dame, France.

520124416. Foulkes V DE ANJOU was born 1092 in Anjou, France. He died 10 Nov 1143 in Jerusalem, Isreal. Foulkes V DE ANJOU married Countess of Anjou Erembourg DE BAUGENCY on 11 Jul 1110 in France. [Parents] 

520124417. Countess of Anjou Erembourg DE BAUGENCY "Ermangarde Du Maine" was born 1096 in Maine, France. She died 1126 in Maine, France. [Parents] 

Her parents were:
1040248834. Helie DE BAUGENCY was born 1055/1065.

His parents were:

1040248832. Foulkes IV DE ANJOU was born 1043 in Anjou, France. He died 14 Apr 1109 in Anjou, France. Foulkes IV DE ANJOU married Bertrade De Montfort on 1090/1091. [Parents] 

1040248833. Bertrade De Montfort was born 1059 in Montfort, France. She died 14 Feb 1116/1117 in Pontrevault, France.

2080497664. Aubri-Geoffrey DE GATINAIS was born C. 980. He died 1 Apr 1046. Aubri-Geoffrey DE GATINAIS married Countess Of Anjou Ermengarde De ANJOU on 1035 in France.

2080497665. Countess Of Anjou Ermengarde De ANJOU was born 1018. She died 18 Mar 1075/1076 in Fleury-sur-Ouche, Anjou, France. [Parents] 

4160995330. Count Of Anjou Fulk III De Anjou was born 21 Jun 967. He died 21 Jun 1040 in Metz, Anjou, France. Count Of Anjou Fulk III De Anjou married Hildegarde.

4160995331. Hildegarde was born 998. She died 1 Apr 1040 in Jerusalem, Holy Land.


Her parents were:

130031106. Count of Angouleme Aymer De Taillefer was born 1113/1159. He died 1158/1238. Count of Angouleme Aymer De Taillefer married Alice De France? on 1153/1195.

130031107. Alice De France? was born 1120/1162. She died 1158/1244. [Parents] 

Her parents were:

260062214. Pierre De France? was born 1090/1100.