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A short Historic Overview about Leicester (1585-1588)

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4. A short Historic Overview about Leicester

4. A short Historic Overview (1585-1588)
    about the
Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley

Aug 1585:  After the dead of the Prince Willem I van Oranje, the control of The Netherlands is presented to Queen Elizabeth I of Engeland. 
She rejects the control but by fear for the Spaniard she promises to send an army of more than 5000 man. Cause of this decision are the developments in France and the fall of Antwerp.
Dec 1585: Leader of these armed forces is the Earl Robert Dudley of Leicester, that go ashore in Vlissingen. Earl Robert Dudley of Leicester (░1533 +1588), English commander-in-chief is send to the low lands against the Spanish troups by Queen Elisabeth I on request of the Dutch States with 6000 soldiers.
2 years later the army is called back.
Jan 1586:

Earl Robert Dudley of Leicester lets proclame himself as governor of The Netherlands. This happens against the explicit rules of Queen Elisabeth of Engeland in. For she wants to avoid a war with the Spanish anyway.

Apr 1586: Earl Robert Dudley of Leicester forbid all trade with "the enemy". But the commerce with the Southern Netherlands and Spain is urgency for the Dutch merchants, among other things by licenses that they had acquired on this.
Jun 1586: Leicester decides to establish a Chamber of Finances, where the merchant books will be controlled.
JunJul 1586: Alexander Farnese of Parma conquers Venlo, Grave and Neu▀. This slur is not appreciated by Earl Leicester. Alexander Farnese has have big difficulties with paying his men and provide them with provisions caused by the infirm delivery from Spain.
Dec1586: Earl Leicester turns back to England to report about his way of govern. During his absence the 'Raad van Staten' takes over the govern in spite of clear instructions of the Earl not to carry through alterations in the governments and commanders.
Jan 1587: Treason against the English Crown by the catholic English commanders Stanley and York. They give Deventer and De Schans to the Spaniards.
The 'Staten-Generaal' inform Earl Leicester by missive, draw up by Johan van Oldenbarneveldt. After an answer of Thomas Wilkes, a research is establish to explain the behavior of Stanley and York.
This inquiry is made under the direction of Franšois Vranck, who argues that the sovereignty in Holland always was based by the Provinciale Staten.
Jul 1587: Robert Dudley - Earl of Leicester - 1587 in ZutphenEarl Leicester arrives  again in Vlissingen with a new army. But he cannot prevent that the Spaniards conquer Sluis.

Queen Elisabeth has given the Earl the order to make one's peace with the Spaniards.

Under impulse of Johan van Oldenbarneveldt this request is publiced, which avokes dissatisfaction at the calvinists, and that is why Leicester loses their support.

By the failure of Leicester, Alexander Farnese of Parma has come in a stronger position  concerning on the insurgent areas.
Fortunately for the North, Parma can not make no further fight cause of lack of money and food. But Farnese is convinced that the coming of the Spanish Armada will soon bring a change in this.
Aug 1587: Alexander Farnese of Parma captures the important seaport Sluis. This of course as a preparation for the coming of the Spanish Armada.
Sep 1587: Leicester wants to arrest Johan van Oldenbarneveldt and Maurits van Oranje. But they can escape in Delft.
Leicester attacks Amsterdam, Leiden and West-Friesland, which each time results in a failure.
Dec 1587: Leicester is called back for good from The Netherlands. He dies the next year in England.
In The Netherlands he is succeeded by Willoughby as Head of the English troops.
April 1588: After the depart of admiral-general Leicester from the Verenigde ProvinciŰn, Prince Maurits van Oranje, Graaf van Nassau (░13 nov 1567 Dillenburg, +23 april 1625 's Gravenhage) becomes stadholder of Utrecht and Overijssel.

The Raad van State preserves the control about Foreigner business, War and Army Business. Also Finances are administered by the Raad.

Because of the region discord of The Zeven ProvinciŰn the power of the Raad van State does not maen so much anymore.

Prince Maurits establishes his authority in Zeeland.
Leicesters follower Prouninck leaves Utrecht later in Oktober, and Sonoy submits himself to the Staten van Holland.