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The most important reason of the start of my family research was the reading of a book in 1991. It is called: "Landverhuizers" by P.J.Risseeuw. This historical novel tells us about the emigration of many "Afgescheidenen" (separated people) in the Netherlands in the former century. Their belief played a big part in their daily life. Because I think that believing in God and Jesus Christ is very important I became very curious for their circumstances in which they and also the other ancestors had lived, worked and believed. And than I discovered that for many more Sleijsters the belief played an important role in their life's.

My search began with a copy of a part of a family tree. I got it in that time from my father. Than I started a systematic search through several government archives in Overijssel and in Gelderland, and in the city archives of Zutphen and Amsterdam.

After some time I found a part of a family tree that was made by a famous genealogical, mr. W. Wijnaendts van Resandt. It was made in order by Mrs. Shirley Sleijster in California/USA.
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Besides I received much information from my brother Wout Sleijster, among other things a family tree that overlapped largely the here before mentioned tree. This one was made by Mr. J. Verdonk, an organizer of emigrant-journeys to the Dutch colonies in America
(tree... and notes, acts...).

I also gathered lots of information from acts, certificates and books. I have tried to make a readable story and let the history live with this information.
I thank all these people, and also the many others who put data and material at my disposal or helped me in other ways.

In 1998 I have published a book. Much of that stuff is used in this website.
Obviously I am very curious for the research of others! So I recommend you to send me possible supplements. Do you have something to ask or to notice, please send an email to

Here I am working the City Archives in Zutphen (20-12-2000)

The archives

Before 1811 the churches kept up the Baptism, Wedding and Bury books. The noted dates then are mostly the date of baptism, betrothal and burying, and not the date of Birth, Wedding and Death.

According to the documents the whole Sleijster family was Dutch Reformed (Nederlands Hervormd).

The Burgher State ("Burgerlijke Stand")

When in 1811 the Burgher State ("Burgerlijke Stand") is introduced, the reference to the church membership is unfortunately disappeared. From 1840 it is booked again in the Register of Population ("Bevolkingsregister"), that is a register per house.
So the Burgher State ("Burgerlijke Stand") is the register of the deeds that are made in the city hall with birth, wedding and death. Jot down are: the date, the names of the parents, spouses, occupation, age, place of birth, etc. These acts are not freely to see. But after a number of years the data are released. For birth certificates it is after 90 years, and for marriage certificates it is 80 years, and for decease it is 50 years.

So for the period after it, it is only by personal inquiry possible to collect the data. To get the data of the emigrated Sleijsters is of course much more difficult. So there is an uncultivated area.

The Register of Population ("Bevolkingsregister")

From 1842 the cities keep up the so-called Register of Population ("Bevolkingsregister"). So is the register per house. You will find there the data of the inhabitants. It is mostly a family. The names, dates and places of birth, marriage, dead, occupation, and also the denomination. In 1938 the cities switch over to person cards, with the same data.

This is the visitors room of the City Archives in the Spiegelstraat 13-17 in Zutphen.