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Their occupation

It is striking that in the first four generations rather many military occupations are found:

In the 1st generation was ancestor Thomas "soldier" with his 1st marriage in 1625, and "sergeant" with his 2d marriage in 1637.

In the 2d generation married his daughters with soldiers.

In the 3d generation was grandson Jurriaen soldier.

In the 4d generation were also some soldiers related by marriage.

In the 5d generation there are no occupations found.

In the 6d generation Roelof is a gun maker.

In the 7d generation his son Warneryus was also a gun maker, and another son DaniŽl was gun maker and sword maker.

But there have been also many Sleijsters in de first 9 generations who had peaceful occupations, by which is conspicuous the great number of housepainters en carpenters.

Unfortunately is of many of the Sleijsters the occupation unknown.

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