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During a visit of Londen in 1993 H.R. Kieskamp, married with Johanna Hendrika (Annie) Sleijster in Heerde, discovered that there existed a name "Sleister" in the archives of the socalled Historical Research Center. By paying some pounds he received in the shape of an art product a certificate with computer-data.

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Here are some remarks:

The surnames that I found with our ancestor are rather varying: Sleijsser, Sleijster, Schleisser, Slijser, Sleyser, etc. That is the reason that it is interesting to find in this investigation the name of Hensel Sleisser, who lived in the 14d century. Also Tobias Ernst Schleijss could be an ancestor.

Less relevant looks to be the name Schlaiss. And more the less the names Sleter and Scheiss.

Also interesting is that the origin of the name Sleijster / Sleister / Sleisser seems to be found in Germany, while Thomas Sleijsser was a soldier and later a sargiant under an English Captain.

In the small letters of this document is mentioned that it is not a genealogic research and that the escutcheon is allocated by the HRC. So it is good to see that this is in the first place research for a name and for the denotation of the name and also for the relation with occupations and place-names. In the second place it is a research for the existence of a name in the medieval archives.

For a matter of fact it is not very clear what the scientifically value is of this research.

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