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Jacoba Rijniera Sleyster (1859-1950)
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A letter in 1940
from Jacoba Rijniera Sleyster, daughter of Roelof Sleyster

Two pictures of 2 sisters of Johanna Rijniera, both sitting. Annie did send these pictures to the Boland family (Aaron's daughter Jeanie Boland-Sleyster)

Sitting in the chair is Johanna Henrietta Sleyster (Annie), third child of Roelof. Sitting on the rocks is Evadina Margaretha Sleyster-Duitman (Effie), the youngest daughter (9th child) of Roelof. Standing left is Jessie Boom-Duitman (daughter of Evadina Sleyster & Henry Duitman). More...

One more picture of Johanna Henrietta Sleyster (Annie)

Waupun/Wisc. April 21 1940.    

Dear cousin,

I have received your letter from the 6th of this month and have taken note of the contents. I am glad to know that after all these years there are still some of our relatives in the far Netherlands, who have so much interest to our welfare, and I will try to answer all questions to the best of my ability.

Yes, I knew that I had an uncle Jacob in the Netherlands and that he had a large family with children. When my grandfather and my father were alive we kept in contact with him, but after their deaths all correspondence has stopped.

I am not the only living descendant of Roelof Sleyster, the youngest children are still alive, of which I am the oldest at 80 years. There are 15 grandchildren and 53 great-grandchildren. We have spread out over the whole United States, from coast to coast, and I remain in contact with them all.

You are so kind to ask if I have the belief and hope of my grandfather and my father, and I believe that I can say sincerely that with God's aid I have preserved the belief, and I sing often the song  "faith of our fathers, holy faith, We will be true to thee till death". From a young age I was taught to put my faith in the Lord and to live by its institutions and regulations.

I am happy to let you know that I was glad to receive the photograph of your stepmother. It was kind of you to think of that and I want to return the favor by sending you a couple of photographs of descendants of your uncle Roelof. They are; myself: 80 years old; my brother Ben, 70 years old; my cousin Dr Rock Sleyster, 60 years old; and my grand-nephew Alton Boom, 25 years old, he looks like my father and he is proud of his Dutch ancestors.

I look forward to the meeting with your son Jan Willem and I hope nothing will prevent him from coming to Waupun, Wisconsin. No one from my father's family has visited us. Johan Liesveld from Arnhem, a cousin on my mother's side, visited us for a short time a while ago.

I have in my possession a "Guide of Arnhem and Neighborhood," a bottle with water from the Rijn river, several post card pictures and cards.  A picture of the Kath. Church beside the house where J. W. Sleyster lived before his departure to America.

Do you know if your grandfather ever noticed that the Sleysters were of
nobility and had a family coat of arms?  It has been lost and I have often
wished I had it. I look forward to hearing from you because I am interested
in the Netherlands.

Sincerely yours, Jacoba Rijniera Sleyster

[ Jacoba Reinira died in 1950

Some remarks - see also
( us1 ):

 - Ben is Jacoba's youngest brother.

 - Rock is the son of its oldest brother John William.

 - Grand-nephew is grandson of Effie.

 - Who does have the photograph that Jacoba sent to the Netherlands?

 - Who is uncle Jacob? This must be uncle Jacob, the youngest brother of Roelof Sleijster.

 - Who is the cousin/son Jan Willem who will visit Jacoba?
Cousin: is Jan Willem 1860-1953? or...
Son: is Jan Willem 1883-1943? Or a JW of a next generation?


The Sleyster-sisters:   Annie, Coba, Effie
  ( 1950) >
More about Effie...


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