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Roelof Sleyster (1815-1882)
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Another painting of Roelof Sleyster

In March 2012 I received an email from Barbara Varnum.
Barbara is the great great granddaughter of Evadina Margaretha and  Henry Duitman. See us1...
She does have another painting of Roelof Sleyster, a socalled shadowbox.

The story of this painting

My grandparents have passed away now, but they owned a shadow box made by Roelof Sleyster, which looks much like the one posted on your website [click here...]. It has been hanging in my grandparents house for over 50 years and has now made its way to me. It is in excellent condition with only the velvet ribbon trim showing its old age. I have attached a picture of it for you. 
I took the picture at an angle to try to capture the depth, which is about 3 cm. The sky, the moon, and the distant trees are by oil paint. The castle in the background and the donkey in the foreground look like they were cut out from post cards. The houses are built of wood and the windows are painted. The bushes are tacked on with a tiny nail. I can't tell what he used to build the land or make the snow. 
The shadowbox will pass to my children some day too.
Most sincerely, Barbara (born 1958)

The messures of this shadowbox are also 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16 inches) without the frame.
The painting seems to be to me a winter landscape that could be dating from the time Roelof Sleyster departed from The Netherlands, so about 1846. Probably Roelof made it from his mind or from another picture. In my opinion it could be a view on the Rhine or IJssel from the dykes in the winter near Arnhem or Velp (
- Harry.

The Duitman-family

Above: Arend Jan Boom - Evadina Margaretha (Effie) Sleyster -
Jessie Duitman and son John (foto 1955)
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   < Evadina Margaretha (Effie) Sleyster (1864-1955)
          More pictures of Effie...

Some pictures of Roy Duitman-Sleyster

Roelof Sleyster married Johanna Liesveld. Their ninth child, Evadina Margaretha Sleyster, married Henry Duitman (son of Gerrit Duitman from Holland).
Their son Roy Sleyster Duitman (brother to Jessie Boom) married Anna Neevel (daughter of John Herman Neevel, from Holland).
Roy and Anna Duitman-Neevel had 4 children: Allan Roy Duitman (grandfather of Barbara), Ina, Roy Sleyster Jr., Rock.

Above: Roy Sleyster Duitman (left), Allan Roy
Duitman and Ina Duitman
( 1923)

Roelof Sleyster's daughter Evadina married
Henry Duitman.  Their two children were
Jessie Duitman and Roy Sleyster Duitman
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< Wedding Roy Sleyster Duitman and Anna Neevel    
   6 July 1910

Roy Sleyster Duitman and his granddaughter Shirley

Jessie Boom-Duitman - and brother Roy Sleyster Duitman with his wife Anna Neevel - and Arend Jan Boom ( 1955)
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Newspaper article (1970) about Roy Sleyster Duitman
He speaks of being 100% Hollander and a little about his life.

Right: Jessie Boom-Duitman.
She is the sister of Roy Sleyster Duitman
(Florida, 1982). Jessie is 92 years old.

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