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Grietje Sleijster in Heerde (1856-1945)
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Grietje Sleijster from Heerde   ( zt3 )

In January 2003 I received an email from Jessica Boutilier. She lives in Ontario.

Her great great grandmother was Grietje Sleijster, related to Warnerius van Oukerk Sleijster and Hendrikje Nijmeijer, who are her parents (page Zt3). She has the original pictures and scanned them for me. 

Warnerius - Cornelia - Cornelius Schipper - Grietje Sleijster (1856-1945) - Hendrika - Hendrik/Hank

On the picture of Grietje Sleijster we find her family. Grietje was married to Cornelius Schipper. Her sons are  Hendrik/Hank (the older boy) and Warnerius (the younger boy), there was another son Peter that lived in the US already and Hendrika (the older girl) and Cornelia holding the doll.
Cornelia is Jessica's great-grandmother.

Jessica also sent me a scan of the original pictures of the parents of Grietje:
Warnerius van Oukerk Sleijster and Hendrikje Nijmeijer

See the picture here right >>>

...and a picture of Grietje's oldest brother:
   Warnerius in 1920

Warnerius (1847-1928)

Warnerius van Oukerk Sleijster  (1815-1882)
 and his wife Hendrikje Nijmeijer (1824-1909)

Because Jessica did sent me a scan of the original picture, I discovered
that the picture I had was a sketch made from the photo.
You can see that the faces were made a litte younger and some more robust.

Cornelis Schipper had a son: Cass Vanderknaap (Kees) who emailed me in 2002:
Kees lives in New Brunswick in Canada and he is 75 years old.
He wrote me in the Dutch language.

His grantfather Cornelis Schipper worked at a shipyard and grew deaf as a result of the noise.
He married in The Hague with Grietje Sleijster.
They lived in the Leeuwenhoekstraat.
She died in 1934 in Den Haag.
Cornelis died in The Hague in Worldwar II on the age of 86 years.
They had 3 sons (Henk, Warnerius, Piet) and 2 daughters (Hendrike, Cornelia)
When Cass wrote me in 2002, they all had been deceased.
Piet was killed in an accident, he fell from a ship and died in 1969 in Springlake NY USA.

Grietje (see Zt3) was the 4th child of Warnerius van Oukerk Sleijster.
According to my data Grietje Sleijster was born in Heerde on 26 January 1856 and she died in The Hague in 1945.
She married according to the data in the 'Heerde Bevolkingsregister' in Heerde on 22 June 1878 with Arie Barmentlo.
Probably Arie Barmentlo died in The Hague and Grietje married 1910-1920 with Cornelis Schipper. [This is not correct. Arie died in 1885 and Grietje married 8-8-1885 with Cornelis Schipper]

Kees (Cass Vanderknaap) was born in The Hague and emigrated with his parents in 1952
His mother Cornelia Schipper told him often about the family in Heerde.
His parents died in Canada. His mother Cornelia became 78 years and his father became 94 years old.
Cass wrote he also had an aunt Grietje who lived in Zoetermeer in Holland who died in 1944 in Den Haag.
And his aunt Riek in Den Haag was married with Piet van Hal and deceased in 1943 in Den Haag.

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