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Who is Aleeta Rachel Sleyster Hall/Long?

I am the wife of Anthony Long.
I am the mother of James and Joseph
I am the Grandmother of 5 darling Angels sent from God.
When viewing my paintings, you will see in some of my paintings,my first born Granddaughter Tally created in different stages of her life.
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When I was a little girl, of 7 years old, my Mother died. We were raised in a foster family.
One of the early things that we were taught by MOM and POP WOODRING IN PARKVILLE, MISSOURI, was that if we had the faith in God, even as small of the tiny mustard seed, all things were possible.....
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"GIVE ME BACK MY BABY"...... These were the words of Helen Uman, a young 19 year old new mother in General Hospital of Kansas City,Missori. 
The problem arose when Dr. Webster delivered 2 babies, 5 minutes apart and the nurses confused the babies in the basinets. One 43 year old mother, Odell Sleyster, was listed as having a little girl, and the 19 year old mother, Helen Uman
was listed as having a baby boy. Had the sexes been the same, the babies would never have been switched back to the other mothers.

Both mothers breast fed their babies, and thought they had the right babies,.Then the nurses caught the sex error on the charts with the evidence in the diaper changes and switched the babies back to where the medical charts filled out at the time of deliveriy stated, where they belonged. 
General Hospital did not tag the babies back when born with any kind of identification. And sadly to say, they did noty have DNA testing then either. 

My earliest memories are of my Mother's death, and the chaos that followed.
The neighbors wanted us 3 youngest siblings put in an ophanage. They were taking up a petiton to do so, when the childless neighbors behind us, ,moved the 3 of us in thier tiny 2 bedroom home. They got foster papers on us , and my natural father paid support on us until we were married. 
One of my first miniature paintings that I ever created was of my sister and I on Easter Sunday , about a month after our Mother's death. I have painted several over the years as commissions, and tell the following story behind the creaion of "SISTERS".........
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Miniatures Doll artist paintings
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Here below you find a preview...

This is a picture of my sister and I at Easter in 1947 ...a month after our Mother had died... we were in a foster home... and wore new clothes and bonnets for the first time in our lives... we had our hair rolled in rag curls the night before... you take old sheets and tie them at the base of the head...and wrap the hair around the one strip of sheet...then when you get to the bottom and run out of wind the other strip back to the base of the head... and tie a knot.. It is like sleeping on rocks... but the next day ..we both had Shirley Temple curls.. and we wore a white carnation symbolize the death of our Mother.... The little Mother creations below...were inspired after a picture of my Mother...who was named.....Orpha Odell Hagen Sleyster...she died when I was 7 years old...we have a picture of her holding a doll ..........I was told these old pictures ... are called little mother pictures...and were popular back in the early 1900s..... ABOUT MY MOTHER....she loved to pick all of the natural things that she could find to eat...including herbs and dandelion greens..... goat milk was one of her favorite drinks... we had two of them ...GOATS THAT IS.....AND WE the city along with ducks...when we were children....I remember her milking the goats...and pulling the ducks out of the mud when they got stuck ..after a hard Kansas City, Missouri rainfall...... and I remember eating oatmeal with goat milk..

.............. EMAIL ME AT for questions... and all comments.... and click below on auctiva showcase to see pictures of all my listings...It is the best album on the auctions... Now about TALLY... who is my first granddaughter... WHOSE NAME IS... Talitha Cumi. HER NAME ORIGINATES... from the Bible where Jesus resurrected the little deceased daughter... by saying: "Talitha Cumi", which means... Little girl... awaken. She was one year old this month... (Jan. 2002) and I have created her in several scenes with collies... by the sea... dressed as Raggedy Ann... see some past paintings that mostly sold on ebay below... and on her wedding day as a bride... this is number 61 of the series called... Tally in the garden with foot bridge... Below are some past paintings of Tally.

......... "I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness, I hear the approaching thunder... I feel the suffering of millions. And yet, when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better, that this cruelty too shall end, that peace and tranquility will return once more.".... Anne Frank, July 15, 1944...

This one is patterened again... after my granddaughter... Talitha Cumi... when she grows up... She just turned one year old... see tally's photos... with her mother too... and created painted ... pictures of Tally... and some of my other art samples below.

.... PLEASE EMAIL ME AT  Following are some samples of my art... and some of the stories behind the art... Thanks to all of you, who take the time to email me ........

There is a painting below... and it has lots of white blooming trees painted in it... This is the dog wood tree... The story goes that the red on the pedals of the flower signifies blood... which appeared on the blooms... after the tree was used as the wood that was used to crucify our lord... It is one of the first blooming trees of the spring, with its mainly white flowers. We have two of them in the english garden in the front of our haven... And all over the rest of our land here in the south... I want to share with each of you... who have opened up and are viewing my auction... Several of you who have been so kind to email me in the last few days... with your kind words... and prayers... I want to share with you one of the most touching things I received... Please feel free to pass the words along... and email me for the picture... that goes with it... that was painted by another artist.... Love to all. That is what really makes us friends... { May today there be peace within you. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. "I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." }

This painting of the day that liberty cried... Sold on auction America was one of my favorites, that I created especially for our New York friends....

history of my art life

My painting career began when my second son was born... My choice was to go back to work or stay home with the new baby... My friend Cathy, who was also a new mother, and I attended oil painting classes with Oscar Somani in Omaha Nebraska... We learned the European wet on wet techniche... Then my good friend Dodie had me hanging and selling paintings in banks and restaurants... It did not take long to become well known in Omaha... Then my husband accepted a position in Cincinnati... And I started anew in the art field... Bob Braun, who had a local daily television show featured my art as one of thier giveaways... and when my first print... lithograph, came out I named it after Dodie in Omaha for her creativeness to start my art business... Dodie's Gate.
Other prints followed shortly... one with rays of sunshine coming through the clouds... shining deep into the fall colored forest... and the creek filled to the brim on its banks. The third painting to be printed was similar... only with the creek dried up... All three series were original oils created over and over until I put them into print... Never to be reproduced again...


Cleveland was the next place we moved to, for a new position for my husband. It was very difficult to become well known there. There are no local art shows like Cincinnati has to promote local artists... My break of being able to sell my art came in the form of painting on clothes... and selling them at the local flea market... which is no longer in existence... at Aurora farms. I also painted people's pets at dog shows... especially the main one at the airport in Cleveland. I was one of 2500 chosen artists across the United States to create an angel for the White House Christmas Tree. Please see the picture of my angel and personal letter from Mrs. Clinton.

I remarried a widower after my husband died and we moved to North Carolina... again... finding a niche to sell art was impossible... until the auctioning process on Ebay... became available... and all of the new fields. I learned while creating designs on clothes and the use of another medium such as acryilics... all funneled into the new art I used to paint. Now I will include a gallery of my paintings... for your to see... Please be sure and email me with your comments... I love to get emails... 
Aleeta Rachel...

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